liz haber

Liz Haber Zambrano is an expert in supporting her clients to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

As a professional coach and leadership development trainer for over 10 years and her career in directing personal development and coaching companies since 2013, Liz has helped to transform the lives of thousands of people all backgrounds. As an executive leadership coach, she helps people in building the skills required to access creativity, invoke their full potential, master communication, effectively inspire others, and become an effective leader in the world.

Liz invests herself in being fully present and a safe space for each client and uses her expertise of listening, pattern recognition, communication, and ontological questioning, so that each client can begin to uncover limiting beliefs, discover blind spots, access untapped potential, and develop strategic plans of action to achieve and maintain their desired outcomes.

Liz believes there is deep wisdom within each of her clients and she serves to help bring it to the surface. She supports her clients in developing healthy perceptions of themselves and to strengthen the relationships that matter to them. Liz’s ontological approach to coaching works to partner with her clients on the level of practices, mindfulness, and habits so they have the tools and the systems in place to accomplish their goals while experiencing themselves as fulfilled and living a life purpose. 


Fulfillment and Purpose
Ecological Leadership Development
Work-Life Harmony 


Culture Catalyst Training Certified
Transformational Trainer


English – Fluent 
Spanish – Conversational