bay leblanc quiney

Bay’s brand of executive leadership coaching combines radical honesty and edgy leadership acumen with a hefty dash of magic and possibility. Her company, Wonderland & Company, supports high-achieving driven leaders to create the impossible, and enjoy the ride, all at the same time; an outcome that is not necessarily predictable for highly driven professionals. A firm believer in “why not”, Bay’s background includes professional dance and theatre training, an MBA in service management, and working as an RCMP officer, to name just a few of her adventures. Bay believes there is a way to be better, not because we should, but because we can, and that the way forward is not in suppressing desire, but in learning how to balance it with the patience and grace to appreciate the life we are living now, while still looking forward with confidence and optimism, to the life we desire. Bay believes in all of us. She believes in humanity, and our ability to be and do better than before, to make this world a better home for all living things. Bay lives in beautiful Victoria, with her brilliant husband and business partner, Adam, and their Boston Terrier, Grimby.


Helping driven people to create success AND enjoy the process (not predictable for them)
Self-love (moving from self-loathing to acceptance and then self-love): re-humaning people who’ve largely forgotten they are mammals
Moving projects forward when people think they’ve tried everything
Drastically improving relationships (others, self).


PCC (in process for MCC), MBA (specializing in service management: marketing, operations)
BA (major in anthropology, minor in professional writing)
Diploma: graduate of Canadian College of Performing Arts